The Country Governor in Vestland holds the position as the national executive agency for education and training of persons that are under the supervision of the criminal services.

In Norway the right to free education for all adults is guaranteed by law, up to and including upper secondary level. The Norwegian organization of prison education is based on the import-model. The principle of this model is that the prisoners are attended by the same public welfare providers (schools, health care, library etc) as society at large. Thus the responsibility for providing education to prisoners lies on appointed upper secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education and Research earmarks funding for prison education. The Country Governour in Vestland holds the national, coordinating role for the different stake holders in prison education i Norway. We also contribute to the further development of prison education through facilitating network activities, research and dialogue between stake holders and cooperation partners. 

A government white paper on prison education was published in 2005. A short version in English can be found here: